Gepostet: Aug 7, 2019

Vertrieb für günstige Durchflussmesser und für günstige Teflonschläuche sowie Vertrieb für Technische Produkte

Pressure regulators for the industrial branches as well as for laboratory applications of any kind.

For a long time there has been a large sales cooperation with some manufacturers of valves for technical gases.

The constantly expanding range of services supplies the international market with compressed gas components and systems.
high quality from our own development and production. The respective program includes the complete range of valves and fittings.
for the extraction and control of gases and liquids.
The proven pressure regulators are used everywhere in chemistry, laboratories, semiconductors, hydraulics and the automotive industry.
One strength is the precise control, as well as the fact that all internal parts are individually available.
The adjustment of our company PKMSA for pressure regulators can alternatively be made by a rotary knob or by means of a screwdriver. All pressure regulators are optionally available with fixed presetting.

The robust construction of our high-quality pressure regulators ensures reliable operation and a long service life.

Features of our high-quality and low-cost pressure regulators
Precise with low hysteresis

Small and compact

With and without secondary venting

Pour plus d'informations sur nos produits techniques à faible coût et de haute qualité, veuillez consulter le lien suivant, fichier PDF.
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